Hiprom | Rockwell Automation

The Global Solutions Business of Rockwell Automation acquired Hiprom in April 2011 to leverage the Engineering and Systems Integration Services Hiprom established in the Mining, Metals and Mineral Processing Industries of Southern Africa.   Founded in 1997 by four engineers, Hiprom had an industry leading position that is greatly enhanced by the Rockwell Automation acquisition. By leveraging expertise and systems around the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture hardware and software products, Hiprom/Rockwell Automation can offer its customers proven and cost effective automation solutions.

System Integration Expertise includes:

·         Metals and Minerals Processing

·         Material Handling (Conveyor systems)

·         Pipeline and Pump Station Control

·         Electrical Substation Automation

·         Compressor Control Systems

·         Refrigeration

·         Shaft control Systems

·         Stacker/Reclaimer control systems



Hiprom has also developed hardware that complements Rockwell Automation’s product offerings.  These include the GPS position and time source modules for the ControlLogix and CompactLogix platforms, a GSM Cell module for remote messaging, as well as linking devices from Ethernet/IP and ControlNet to PROFIBUS-PA and Foundation Field Bus.



Hiprom encapsulated their experience and expertise in the mining, metals and mineral process control space in a PlantPax implementation currently known as Planextion. Planextion is an integrated control system, making use of ControlLogix Integrated Architecture and FactoryTalk Platform that follows a DCS approach with regards to stronger standardization and integration between the control and visualization space. This complete solution will evolve to become the Rockwell Automation Mmc solution in the near future.